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My research line is Choice Modeling applied to transportation demand, travel behavior, time-use and activities, and sustainable mobility. My main affiliation is Universidad de Concepción, but I am also part of the Complex Engineering Systems Institute and the Centre for Sustainable Urban Development. The research conferences I usually try to attend are the Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, the International Choice Modelling Conference, the International Conference for Travel Behaviour Research, and the Congreso Chileno de Ingeniería de Transporte.

You can see the details of my research on my Google Scholar and Web of Science profiles, using the name Sebastian Astroza. When I was a master student I decided to drop the accent mark of my first name (Sebastián) and my second last name (Tagle) for my “author name”, thinking that would be easier for everyone. I am unsure if I would do that now, but I guess it is too late. What is life anyway? A series of regretful decisions, one after another.

Publications (Web of Science) #

Other publications #

  • R. Hurtubia, A. Tirachini, S. Astroza, A. Guevara, J.A. Carrasco, and M. Munizaga (2022). Factores socioeconómicos y perceptuales que influyeron en el teletrabajo durante la pandemia COVID-19 en Santiago, Chile. Estudios de Transporte, 23(2).
  • Y.T. Cheng, Lavieri, P.S., and Astroza, S. (2022). How did the COVID-19 Pandemic Impact the Location and Duration of Work Activities? A Latent Class Time-Use Study. Findings.
  • S. Cancino, H. de la Fuente, R. Victoriano, S. Astroza, J. Covarrubias, M. Durán and J.A. Carrasco (2020) Análisis de movilidad durante la pandemia de COVID-19 en las regiones del Biobío y Ñuble utilizando datos de teléfonos móviles. Revista Ingeniería de Sistemas, Vol XXXIV, 79-9.
  • S. Astroza, A. Tirachini, R. Hurtubia, J.A. Carrasco, A. Guevara, M. Munizaga, M. Figueroa and V. Torres (2020) Mobility Changes, Teleworking, and Remote Communication during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Chile. Transport Findings, July,